Fence put up around Orlando drop tower ride where teen fell to his death

A fence was put up on Tuesday around the Orlando FreeFall ride where a 14-year-old boy fell to his death as the investigation continues.

The 100-page operations manual from the manufacturer shows that Tyre Sampson may have been too heavy to ride the attraction at ICON Park. Per the manual, the maximum weight is 287 pounds. Tyre’s dad, Yarnell Sampson, tells FOX 35 News that his son was 340 pounds -- meaning he was 53 pounds over the limit. 

The ride’s manual specifically says if larger guests don’t fit properly, they should not be allowed to ride. The victim’s father says workers welcomed him on. 

"This one particular ride said ‘we can take you come on get on.’ No one else allowed him to get on the ride so I’m wondering what happened between now and then that made them say come on get this ride."

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The manual also gives specific instructions on how to operate the drop tower. Before the ride starts, staff are instructed to check each rider to make sure they’re locked in and fit properly.

Other restrictions listed in the manual include ensuring riders are in "good physical and mental condition, specifically not under the influence of drugs or alcohol," and do not have heart or back health concerns.

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Tyre was in Orlando for a football program with another family from Missouri. They went to ICON Park last Thursday to have some fun when Tyre tragically fell from the drop tower ride.

Tyre Sampson

Tyre Sampson

The Orlando FreeFall is billed as the tallest drop tower in the world, according to ICON Park's website, which has since removed the attraction's web page from the site. It stands at 430 feet and takes passengers to the top, briefly tilts riders forward, and then free falls some 400 feet at 75 miles per hour.

The owners of ICON Park in Orlando have sent a letter to SlingShot Group, the company behind two attractions there – Orlando FreeFall and Orlando Slingshot -- to immediately shut down their rides until they can verify that both attractions are safe.

Around 200 people attended a balloon release for Tyre at the Orlando FreeFall attraction on Monday night.

Tyre's aunt, Alvina Burch, says, "It’s devastating, shocking, overwhelming. The mom is like, she’s not doing so well right now. It’s taking a toll on her."

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