Florida family sheltered in closet when tornado ripped through Palm Coast destroying homes

Multiple tornados ripped through parts of Florida with one of them touching down in Palm Coast early Thursday morning. The damage left behind has left many residents stunned. 

The tornado had estimated peak winds of 115 mph on its mile-long trek through Palm Coast leaving some families to search for shelter in their homes. 

Fences throughout some neighborhoods were knocked to the ground and trampolines were flung into adjacent backyards. One resident told FOX 35 it sounded like a train was coming through. 

One family told FOX 35 that they sheltered in their closet from the tornado. 

Both residents said there was a thunderstorm and then all of a sudden a lot of wind, rattling, and debris began flying into homes. 

Trees were also sheared in half while branches slammed into homes sending picture frames flying inside the home.