Family searching for answers in hot car death

It’s been nearly eight weeks since 4-and-a-half-year-old Logan Starling was found dead inside a hot car outside the Elite Prep  Academy, by a school employee.  The little boy’s family is still trying to cope.

“I sit out here every morning with my coffee. I talk to him, but he don't answer,” said Roy Werner, Logan’s great grandfather.  

Every day since September 28 has been a battle for his family as they fight for answers.  

“How did he get left in the car?  Why did he get left in the car? The car was 100 feet from the front of the school,” said Werner.  

Logan’s family has been calling investigators and the Florida Department of Children and Families every week looking for answers.  The Orange County Sheriff's Office said the case is "open and ongoing." 

According to the Medical Examiner’s Office, the little boy’s autopsy report is not yet complete.  Shelby Hester, Logan’s mother, said it’s all surreal.  

“I'm just starting to realize that he's not on vacation, that he really is dead,” said Hester. 

Since she’s next of kin, Hester is able to get a little more information from the state attorney’s office.

“The only thing I know is that I won't get answers until January or February,” Hester said.  

To her that seems so far away, especially as she tries to help her seven-year-old daughter cope with a loss that no one is understanding.  

“The other night we were lying in bed and she said mommy, ‘I miss my brother,’” said Shelby.