Family receives refund after Florida vacation rental unexpectedly canceled

A Missouri family who booked a vacation rental home in Florida via VRBO only to find out it was unexpectedly canceled weeks before their trip, has received a full refund after FOX 35 News featured her story.

"It's been terrible. It really has," Maggie Taite told FOX 35 in an interview last week. She booked a stay at a home in Davenport, but three weeks before her family's trip, the rental was canceled.

She tried to get a refund, but it was a difficult process, she said, and contacted FOX 35 for help.

FOX 35 reached out to VRBO to better understand why her vacation funds were being held. A spokesperson told FOX 35 in a statement last week that the matter was forwarded to the company's customer relations team, and that they would get back to us as soon as possible.

Late Tuesday, a spokesperson confirmed to FOX 35 that Maggie was issued a full refund.

"Oh my goodness. It felt like a weight being lifted. It was just a relief," she said.

There are several rental companies out there. How can you protect yourself?

"If you’re thinking about booking a vacation home rental through one of these reservation apps, rental property managers stress the importance of reading the fine print of your booking," said Andy Tolbert, who owns several rental properties in Florida.

She also recommended people purchase trip insurance.

"I know it cost a little bit of money but right now, especially what’s happening with flight delays, and flight cancellations, if you have insurance, you will get refunded in full," she said.

It's advice that Maggie said she will keep in mind when she books her next trip.

"From now on I will definitely read the fine print, the cancelation policy and procedure," she said.