FOX 35 Investigates: Why is DeLand neighborhood flooding?

Why does a DeLand neighborhood have so much standing water -- and what is being done to fix it? FOX 35's Amanda McKenzie went to DeLand where neighbors living in a low-risk flood zone say they've been dealing with flood issues for years. What does the City of Deland say? What do the neighbors say? Amanda has the story.

NAACP investigating Florida daycare

The NAACP is calling on the Florida Department of Children and Families to investigate an Osceola County daycare. In the letter, it claims a 2-year-old black student at Building Brains Academy was the "subject to an alarming act of simulation, where she was handcuffed and fingerprinted by a white peer."

School bus driver has history of accidents

It's been nearly two weeks since a Lake Minneola High School student died after getting hit by a school bus. FOX 35 News has learned new details about the 78-year-old driver's history of crashes this year, and that she was suspended for a short time after one of them.

How effective are ankle monitors?

Court records show the man who shot two Orlando Police officers last Friday night was supposed to be under police supervision. He was required to wear an ankle monitor issued out of Georgia, but he broke it off. During a June encounter with University of Central Florida officers, Daton Viel could have been arrested but instead of cooperating, Viel took off running and got away. This has sparked concern about ankle monitors and their effectiveness.