FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Texas family says they were terrified as shots were fired into their I-Drive hotel

A family from Texas says they came to Orlando to enjoy a nice family vacation. Instead, they say shots were fired into their hotel room off International Drive.

"We enjoyed SeaWorld and Cocoa Beach, and then it just all went to hell after that."

A young couple from Texas says their family vacation with their 2-year-old son took a turn as they were sleeping at the Springhill Suites off I-Drive.

They asked us not to use their names for safety reasons. It started, when they heard a fight in the next room.

The father says he quickly opened the door and saw bullet holes.

The father said, "So, I closed the door and turned back towards the family. That’s when the bullet came through the wall and hit me in the leg."

He says the shots came through the wall from the room next door. They ran to the bathroom and called 911.

The mom said, "They were all there pretty quickly, but it took them a long time to get to our floor. I was waiting for maybe 45 minutes. I feel like they should have done something quicker. That guy was jigging our doorknob."

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said deputies arrived one minute after being dispatched.

The couple tells us the suspect continued shooting as they tried to hide.

There's a boarded-up window where the victims say the suspect shot the glass out as he fired down the hallway of the fourth floor.

The father said, "He was just emptying clips any which way he wanted to."

The Mother said, "In a hotel full of children." 

Luckily, mom and baby are OK, but dad is in pain after being shot in the thigh.

"It went through and come out on the other side."

Asnel Limprevil, 28, is charged with attempted manslaughter with a firearm.

During his first appearance, the judge questioned the arrest saying, "I’m struggling reading this... how they identified him as the shooter."

However, the judge refused to release Limprevil on bond because of the felony charges.

His hearing will continue in two days.

The mom said, "It’s shocking.

The couple says what happened in court is disheartening.

They’re reminding others to be on alert during vacation.

The mom said, "Always keep your eye out."

We asked, "Will you ever come back to Orlando again?"

The mother said, "Can’t say I have the desire."

The dad said, "I don’t have the desire to come back."