Families rent larger homes to social distance over Thanksgiving meal

Some families are renting out larger homes for the Thanksgiving holiday so relatives can social distance safely.

Haley Vanscoik traveled to Orlando with family from Pennsylvania to stay in a larger home that can also accommodate her grandparents.

"We decided to come down here, obviously, because of the pandemic. It is bigger. We have six kids so it's easier to navigate," she said.

The CDC has released their guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

"We are finding a lot of people doing last-minute reservations," Jodie Greene, of Jeeves Florida Rentals, said. They’ve already rented 48 of their larger homes for Thanksgiving at Reunion Resort.

Business had been down because of the pandemic, so they’re grateful that families are looking for safe ways to celebrate the holiday.

"We’re finding more and more families are wanting to rent the vacation homes, especially the larger vacation homes because they’re large enough to have everybody in the same home together, but yet everybody can social distance."

Greene says many people are driving in rather than flying.

"We are seeing a lot of locals as well traveling 20-30 minutes from their actual primary residence."

While prices for a larger home can range from $700 to $3,000 a night depending on the home, Greene says families often divide expenses, especially if it’s a big place.

"Once you split it amongst everybody, like 34 people in this home, it doesn’t work out too bad."

Haley says, "We’re very thankful we can do something like this. It means a lot to us because our grandparents have been going through a lot so it’s nice to have them down here. It’s nice to be here."

Greene says caterers often make the meals and pack them individually for safety.