Expressway Authority to look at all electronic tolling

The Central Florida Expressway Authority is looking at a plan to remove all toll booths from its system and go with electronic tolling only. People using the system would either need to have a transponder, or they would be billed by license plate. CFX Board Chairman Welton Cadwell says new systems are popping up like this all around the country.

"If I built a new system, I would do that, but that's not what we have. We inherited a system that is reliant on cash toll booths, and so it's not that easy of a question, but certainly as we move forward we hope to transition to that. Maybe it's 10 years, maybe it's 20 years. We will wait and see."

Drivers would get a bill in the mail, and would potentially go to a number of satellite locations in existing retailers to be able to pay their license plate bill or add money to a transponder. Cadwell admits while he does not know an exact dollar amount, he understands going to all electronic tolling would save the agency millions.

"Absolutely. As long as it is not a huge burden on the people, on our people that are using the system then we will move forward with it."

Keep some cash handy. Cadwell says this won't be happening any time soon. The CFX Board saw the idea presented for the first time today.

"Our cash customers are important to us. We want to make sure we have a smooth transition years from now when that may happen."

The next two new roads that will open on the CFX system will both be electronic tolls only, the Poinciana Parkway next year, and the Wekiva Parkway in 2020. The CFX does offer free transponders. It's the first banner you'll see on their website.