Esthetician using UV lights to sanitize against COVID-19

A Lake Mary business owner is taking sanitization to the next level.

Emily Saker, owner of Glo Aesthetics, a spa in Lake Mary, replaced all the lights in her building with a new UV lighting system. As long as the lights are on, Israeli tech company Juganu says it is deactivating up to 99.9% of pathogens, including SARS CoV 2 - the virus that causes COVID-19. 

"These are sanitizing our entire space at all time," Saker said. "From bacteria, from mold, from COVID, from the flu -- it is going to be disinfecting our rooms. We also have a deep sanitization mode, which will deep clean all of the rooms so we don’t have to worry about any lingering bacteria if something for any reason is missed."

People cannot be inside rooms when the lights are on the rapid disinfection mode mentioned. The system is called J. Protect, and Glo Aesthetics is the first business in the United States to have the technology.

Saker decided to install the lights after feeling immense impacts from COVID-19 on her business. Back in the spring, the spa closed for more than seven weeks in accordance with Seminole County mandates. Making sure her building is COVID free is a top priority to keep her business going.

"COVID has definitely slowed down the business a bit," said Saker. "But also it’s cleaning…just cleaning, and the cost of supplies, the demand of supplies, it’s been really difficult to get."

Although strict rules such as mask-wearing, temperature checks, and extra cleaning still apply at the spa, Saker says the lights are a major part of adapting to "the new normal" as people wait on mass distribution of a vaccine.

 "It definitely makes our clients feel more comfortable, even in hallways they don’t feel nervous about the other people

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