Elusive bear spotted again at Orlando's Lake Eola Park

The "Bear Watch" continues!

The bear found at Lake Eola earlier this week has been spotted again, this time in another tree closer to the water, a spokesperson for Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) said Tuesday afternoon. Because of how high the bear is in the tree, it is "unsafe" to try and immobilize it, but FWC staff remain in the area to monitor its activity. 

People are urged to stay away from the area for their own safety and the bear's safety, too. 

This update comes hours after the bear reportedly came down from the tree around 1 a.m. Tuesday and left the area. It didn't walk into the bear trap, but instead made its way east, Rep. Anna Eskamani said in a tweet Monday. She said the bear, which she named "Blaze" after a "brown blaze across his chest," originated from the Wekiva Springs area, according to experts. 

"This is the last place I would think you’d find a bear at," said amateur photographer Chet Galloway after rushing to Lake Eola to capture photos of the bear. "This is the first bear I’ve captured in the wild. I guess if you want to call it the wild." 

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Credit: Randy Davison

During this time of year, it's typical for bears to be more active. "Juvenile bears are starting to leave their mother’s home range and may be seen in unexpected areas as they try to find a new home. Typically, these bears will move away on their own," the FWC said.