Elizabeth Holmes Theranos trial: live updates from inside the court

The trial of Elizabeth Holmes is getting underway with jury selection Tuesday in San Jose. 

The former Theranos CEO was a Silicon Valley wunderkind, albeit briefly, while her company was heralded for disrupting the medical world with an innovation in blood testing. 

The only problem was that her company's invention, the Edison Machine, was not the breakthrough she had claimed and for which she had amassed great personal wealth. The Wall Street Journal revealed the technology was a sham in 2015.

Follow below for live updates about the trial of Holmes from KTVU's Evan Sernoffsky who is reporting from federal court in San Jose. (App users click here to follow the blog.)

The rise and fall of Holmes and her company have been well documented in a best-selling book by a Journal reporter and a subsequent HBO documentary.

Now, her fate will be decided as federal prosecutors argue that she is guilty of multiple counts of conspiracy and wire fraud. Each charge is punishable by 20 years in prison.

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Holmes' defense appears like it will argue she is not guilty because she allegedly endured an abusive and coercive relationship with her former boyfriend and Theranos' COO Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani. (He will face federal charges in a separate trial.)

But before those arguments can be heard, a jury must be selected. That process gets underway after the case had been on hiatus for three years during the pandemic and the birth of Holmes' child.

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