Elderly victim speaks after alleged carjacking

Virginia Byers' 1999 gold Toyota is back where it belongs tonight. The car sits in her driveway, but two days ago, it was taken from the parking lot of the Walmart on State Road 436 in Casselberry,

"I'm just blessed, that you know. I didn't have my purse to swing at him to fight him off, cause I could have went down, and at my age, I could have broken my hip," says Byers of being shoved as she was getting into her vehicle Monday afternoon.

She says the man pushed her out of the way, got into her car and took off.

Casselberry police officers have released a photograph of the man they suspect is behind the crime. They want you to help identify him.

Byers wants the man to be caught.  She says the whole thing has been traumatizing.

"My back is bad, and I'm humped over, and there he is taking advantage of people who are handicapped."

A couple in Winter Park called police when they found the car in their driveway on Monday afternoon. It only had seven more miles on it when Byers got the car back on Tuesday.  She says the man didn't take anything but her purse, but that was damage enough.  He charged $427 on one of her credit cards.

Now, she has a message for him and others about being aware of their surroundings.

"When they go in a parking lot, when they get out -- especially by themselves -- it doesn't have to be elderly. It could be you. It could anybody. They're after money...I hope you will stop doing this and not doing it to anyone else. I might forgive but I won't forget."