Elderly Detroit woman's home shot up for fourth time

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There are bullet holes through the windows, in the walls and wherever you look at this woman's home on Clairmount. The 84-year-old even found a bullet in her stamp collection.

"It's terrifying but it is what it is, I can't do anything about it," she said. "I don't know why he keeps coming this way."

In a calm and steady voice, the Detroiter detailed the latest shooting at her house, the fourth one in six months. The suspect fired into her home around 2:30 a.m. Monday.

"Well, you hit the floor and you get to your phone - everybody knows that," she said. "I called 911 and reported that someone was shooting at my house again."

The first time was in June, then it happened twice in July. Detroit Police say it's the same suspect, who has fired hundreds of rounds into the house and nobody knows who he is or why he's doing it.

"My bedroom is shot up, my bathroom is shot up, my kitchen is shot up, you've seen my living room and dining room is shot up," she said. "So you take a guess at how many bullets that he has used."

The homeowner's surveillance camera, as well as a neighbor's, has captured the gun-wielding suspect in the act. Police say someone must know who he is.

"I'm just asking for them to turn him in before he really hurts someone," she said. "I mean the house, it's not bad but if someone is killed - that's terrible."

The victim says she's not even angry at the gunman, she just wants him off the streets, especially her street.

"I live each day by day. I get up in the morning and I thank the Lord for the day," she said. "I don't live in fear. I have faith in the Lord and when you have faith in the Lord you see this man has come several times and he hasn't injured me yet. Just let him get some help because that's what he needs... He needs some help."

Anyone with information should contact Detroit police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.