Edgewater residents clean up after storm

Residents in Edgewater are in clean-up mode after heavy winds rolled through Thursday afternoon, sending branches and debris everywhere.

"It was a lot of lightning and the wind was very strong," said Carlos Hernandez.

Hernandez lost power after this tree snapped on his front lawn in Unity Tree Drive.  He gave FOX 35 a picture showing the tree blocking the road.

“Something cracked really strong and then, 'Boom!' when it fell in the street it was very hard,” Hernandez said.  

A few blocks over, a home on Needle Palm Drive was one of the houses hardest hit, after a tree fell on the roof plunging right through it.

The homeowners didn't want to go on camera, but told FOX 35 three cars in their front driveway were also totaled.

“I've seen some storms come through but this storm was like -- I knew something was wrong," said Bill Krieger.

Krieger says a tree was also blocking the road right in front to his mother-in-law's house.

“Edgewater FD did a great job cleaning up right away, the response of the fire department here was tremendous,” Krieger said.