Drug addicted men turn to Crossfit at Charlotte Rescue Mission

The Charlotte Rescue Mission is setting a unique approach to drug addiction recovery by incorporating the Crossfit exercise for more than 100 men.

The Mission brings in people addicted to drugs and alcohol for a 90-day treatment program. They live in-house for free while the Mission helps them on their road to recover -- and now intense exercise is being used to help them better their health.

"Just to instill this idea that proper movement is going to help you feel better," Rising CrossFit Ballantyne's Michelle Crawford said.

Crawford is one of many instructors donating their time to teach CrossFit classes to men at the Mission each day. The Mission has been around for more than 70 years, but it wasn't until recently more than a dozen local gyms got together to donate equipment to fill a full-size gym at the Mission.

Those in charge say the exercise program is helping men recover from the physical pain their drug and alcohol abuse has done to their bodies.

"I think it give them some confidence in their physical abilities, some of which they've neglected over the years," Charlotte Rescue Mission's John Snider said.