Drivers making changes to deal with rising gas prices

"Ridiculous" and "unbelievable" are some words drivers used when talking to FOX 35 News on Tuesday about gas prices. 

Drivers are making some potentially life-changing adjustments just to get by.

For Al Brioso, filling his truck with diesel is bringing back bad memories of gas spikes from years past. 

"It’s painful because I’ve gone through this a long time ago." 

It cost him $120 to fill up his truck. 

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"Might as well fill up now before it gets any worse." 

Other folks we spoke with are avoiding filling up at all. 

"So I basically now have to be really, really picky. I won’t take anything that’s more than four miles," said Cynthia, who lives in Sanford. 

She drives for Uber Eats, Door Dash, Instacart, and Walmart. But with these gas prices, she’s taking a break. 

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"I drive around all day, and unfortunately I’ve got a gas guzzler. Sometimes I’m literally just making my money back from my gas."

Because everyone’s in the same boat with gas, she says people aren’t tipping well.

Helene Supraner has noticed that too. She also drives for these companies. 

"It’s a snowball effect so really it’s getting to where it’s just not feasible right now." 

She’s doing less of this work now too. A retired teacher, she’s instead focusing on her tutoring business. 

"I do drive my own vehicle to tutoring. That’s not affecting yet, but it very likely could, depending on how this keeps going, it could."

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