Driver accused of sucker-punching in fit of road rage

A driver is accused of road rage, allegedly punching another driver at a red light.

In court, James Roach appeared calm before the judge -- nothing like the explosion of anger police say happened at an Orlando intersection. In court the prosecutor asks the judge,

"In the road rage incident, I'd ask that you hold Mr. Roach, without bond at this time," a prosecutor asked the judge.   Roach replied, "Can I request otherwise?  Because if I'm not, I'm able to I lose my job."

Police officers say Roach was riding the bumper of another car, as well as swerving in front.  When they stopped at a red light, officers say Roach got out of his car and punched the victim through an open window.  

Detectives don't know what sparked the incident  He was granted bond and is out of jail on bail of $10,000.