Drive-thru testing turning up at health facilities in Central Florida

Drive-thru test sites have been opening in Central Florida.
Many are showing up to be tested, but are being turned away. 

Tests are limited so doctors are adamant that people must be pre-screened by one of their doctors and make an appointment in order to get tested.
George Wilson and his wife are two of the roughly 20 people who did a drive-thru coronavirus test Monday in The Villages. 

For Wilson, even talking was difficult.

“Hold on, let me catch my breath. I have never been this sick this long before in my life,” said George Wilson, who lives in Summerfield in Marion County.
He and his wife have been feeling sick for weeks, shortly after their trip to the Keys last month. 

They say they ran into travelers from overseas, but they’ve had trouble finding tests.
“I’ve contacted the CDC directly, their 1800 number, the hotline. I contacted Marion County Health. They’re not taking it seriously,” Wilson said.
That’s why he came to Premier Medical Associates in The Villages where doctors are first doing tele-visits over the phone with patients. 

Based on symptoms, they’ll schedule appointments for a drive-thru test.
“So, I’m going to schedule you for coming in to test in our parking lot,” said one doctor to a patient.
“They drive up, takes about two minutes and they’re on their way,” said Premier Medical Associates Director of Operations Dr. Craig Esquenazi.
It’s a quick swab. 

Results take one to three days.
George Wilson is grateful he and his wife were able to get tested. 

He just wishes they were smarter on vacation and didn’t have to be tested in the first place. 

“It’s everything I didn’t think about. Everything was just starting up. You don’t think,” Wilson said.
If you want to be tested at either of Premier Medical Associates’ two testing sites in The Villages and Ocala, call 352-561-3182 or email