Drew Kesse reflects on another young woman missing in Central Florida

Learning that yet another woman is missing in Central Florida breaks Drew Kesse’s heart.  

"It's an incredible feeling, not to know where a child that you created. I get goosebumps, I have goosebumps," Kesse said. 

If anyone knows what Miya Marcano’s family is going through right now, it’s Drew Kesse.  

"Because I don't know where my daughter is.  And I’ve fought 15 and a half years every single day of my life," Kesse said.  

His daughter, Jennifer, was 24 years old when she disappeared from her Orlando apartment without a trace.  There’s still no sign of Jennifer.  Kesse says time is everything right now in Miya’s disappearance. 

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"Well, people leave, people forget, people want to forget, evidence starts to go away," Kesse said.

Kesse says Marcano’s family needs to let law enforcement know that there’s only one acceptable outcome in this case, finding Miya fast.  

"Do not let up pressure on any law enforcement agency, you are your daughter's biggest advocate at this moment in time.  You have to be strong for your daughter, you have to stand up for her and you have to be smart for her," Kesse said.  

He’s also encouraging anyone who thinks they might have seen something out of the norm near Miya’s apartment Friday or early Saturday to call deputies. 

"People have to realize that one tiny little speck of information connects to another tiny little speck of information that that first person doesn't even know about that can connect to another one another one it's all a puzzle," Kesse says.  

Years after Jennifer disappeared witnesses came forward with information that he’s thankful for, but wishes had come earlier. 

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