Dozens of students get sick after Thanksgiving prayer at Florida school

Hazmat crews are still trying to figure out why more than two dozen Florida kids mysteriously got sick at a school.

Students at a Fort Lauderdale high school will return to class this morning, even though the mystery of this illness has not yet been solved.

Jason Fry is fresh out of the hospital and feeling better after a medical mystery hit his high school. The junior at Cardinal Gibbons was rushed to the emergency room. But he was not the only one, as 26 students and one staff member total got sick. 

Law enforcement came to the school after students started to say they were felling sick after an assembly in the gym for a Thanksgiving prayer. EMS says all of the students had similar symptoms: some feeling lightheaded and dizzy, some suffered seizures and nosebleeds, while others passed out.

Parents received alerts and rushed to campus as the school went on lockdown. Crews were called in and checked for as many as 500 chemicals, but all the tests came back negative. They also do not think drugs were involved. 

As of now, hazmat crews still don't know what got all 26 people sick and they are still investigating.