Dozens gather at Greenwood Cemetary to remeber fallen service members

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Monday, people took time to honor, reflect, and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

This Memorial Day isn't easy for Lois Stachelrodt.

"This day is harder than ever, because tomorrow is my birthday. It'll be my first one without him. But, I'm dealing with it," Stachelrodt explained through her tears.

Her husband of 38 years, US Army Air Force veteran, René Stachelrodt, bravely fought in the Korean war, but lost his battle with cancer just six and a half months ago. She's leaning on her American Legion for support.

"He could have a conversation with people, and they wouldn't want to leave him," Stachelrodt explained. "They'd want more."

These men and women and so many others worldwide, who died for this country, are the reasons why dozens of people came to Orlando's Greenwood Cemetery for this year's Memorial Day Ceremony.

Patty Sheehan, the District 4 City Commissioner told Fox 35's David Williams that today is meant to" thank them and remember the sacrifice that they gave. They gave their lives for this country, it's the least we can do to remember them one day a year."

People like Marie Noble's son US Marine Veteran Steven Noble are missed especially on this day. "I miss him," Noble said. "Because we could depend on him, and he depended on us."

Steven was very involved in veterans causes. He sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2012.

"Every stone out there is represents a life. Sometimes it's too easy to forget about those. We don't need to do that," Marie Noble explained.

Monday dozens of people paused to make sure no service member who gave their life is ever forgotten.

Wade Foster, a US Navy Veteran who lost close friends and his mentor, said  "It's all about the good that we've done as brothers and sisters being involved with the military."