'Don't make me do this!': Body cam video shows shootout involving children

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said a shootout Tuesday night near Deltona involving children was an incredibly tough call for his deputies. 

Investigators said a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl escaped from a group home iand broke into a house in Enterprise, armed themselves with weapons and shot at deputies. 

Sheriff Chitwood said his deputies did everything possible to not open fire on the children, including taking multiple rounds themselves. 

"Don’t make me do this! Don’t do this!" one of the deputies can be heard saying on his body camera. 

"At one point, one of the sergeants got up the window and threw their personal cell phone in and told them to answer the phone, we want to make contact with you. Nothing, nothing worked," he said. 

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The Sheriff’s Office said deputies were forced to open fire when the girl came out and pointed a gun at them. The boy ended up surrendering peacefully. 

"Whoever’s got a med kit, some type of med kit, I need it up here now in the garage," a deputy can be heard on body camera as they transition to save the girl’s life. 

"Pull it. What’s your name sweetie? Rip it. What’s your name? (girl crying) Come on, come on sweetie, what’s your name?"

They then loaded her in a patrol car to get her to medical crews, which flew her to Central Florida Regional Medical Center. At last check, she’s in critical condition and is stable. 

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Sheriff Chitwood said the eight deputies involved received immediate counseling right after the shooting and will report to a psychologist. 

"They had a blank 50-yard stare on them, like what just happened? What just happened?" he said. "I cannot imagine how hard it was for the deputies who have children that age." 

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