Dogs surrendered after smaller pup is mauled in Apopka

An Apopka woman says she was walking her dog Tuesday morning when a pack of loose dogs mauled the pup. 

One neighbor in the Country Address subdivision provided FOX 35 News with cell phone video of the dogs running down the street right after the attack. 

"They acted like a pack of wolves. There was one dog that was like the leader and they were just following him," said Patricia Scales, who lives near where the incident happened. 

Orange County Animal Services say they responded to the neighborhood after the large roaming dogs went after a smaller dog on a leash. 

"He was like my companion because I live by myself," said Linda, who owns the that that was killed. 

She didn’t want to show her face or provide her last name but agreed to tell us what happened. 

"We just couldn’t get them off of him. It was like five of them - like they were vultures," she explained. "They did X-rays. The dogs punctured his lungs, almost slashed his neck and he had bite marks all over him. There was nothing we could do." 

Animal Services says the owner of the five dogs lives in the same neighborhood. 

According to an incident report, she told officers that one of her dogs, named Junior, is aggressive with small dogs and the other dogs just followed him. 

Officials say she surrendered 80-pound Junior and a 60-pound dog named Mica. 

Animal Services says the other dogs remain in her home. That’s disturbing some residents. 

"My thing is, what about the kids in the neighborhood? If you attack a little puppy… what about the children walking up and down the street that don’t know nothing about it," Scales said. 

"I think those dogs should be put to sleep. Those dogs are dangerous," Linda said. 

Orange County Animal Services says in the report that officers are waiting for Linda to make a statement before moving forward with citations. 

The owner of the loose dogs didn’t want to talk to us.  It’s unclear what will happen to the other dogs involved in the attack. 

Animal Service says it's investigating whether the same pack of loose dogs attacked and killed another small dog in the same subdivision a day before the other fatal attack.

Jalisa Wright says she found her Yorkie, named Simba, in a pool of blood in her garage Monday morning.

The garage door had been cracked open and she says a neighbor’s video later shed light on what happened. The clip shows at least three large dogs leaving the Wright’s garage. She believes they are from the same pack that mauled and killed another small dog Tuesday.

"It’s very heartbreaking to know that’s how Simba passed away," Wright said, adding that he had injuries all over his body.

Animal Services has taken a statement from the family and is investigating. The agency is asking anyone else with information of prior attacks to contact them.

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