Dogs covered in feces found abandoned in a foreclosed house

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A man hired to clean out a foreclosed house in Newark earlier this month made a startling discovery: a pair of pooches locked in a crate with no food or water.

On May 8, the man brought the dogs to the Associated Humane Societies in Newarkwhere a groomer got to work cleaning up the approximately 7-year-old Shih Tzus, whose badly matted coats were soaked in urine and speckled with feces, according to the shelter.

The dogs, dubbed Fred and Wilma, were "barely recognizable as dogs," Associated Humane Societies' Jennifer Vuocolo told FOX 5 NY in an email. This was "one of the worst cases" the groomer had ever seen, she added.

The staff veterinarian then examined the dogs, who are partially blind, and is treating them for dry eye and arthritis, Vuocolo said.

The AHS is asking for help with the financial cost of caring for Fred and Wilma and other dogs like them. Donations to the ResQ Fund help pay for the medical care of abused animals.

"This makes it possible for us to continue to rescue and care for cases of extreme cruelty and neglect just like these two darling Shih Tzu dogs," Vuocolo said. "Fred and Wilma are incredibly sweet, loving and ready to put their past behind them."

Fred and Wilma are bonded, so the AHS will seek to find them a home together. You can learn more about adopting pets from AHS here.