Dog Stuck in Fence for Days and Her Pal Never Left Her Side

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For two excruciating days, a dog named Athena dangled from a fence and for two days, her pal Zeus stayed with her.

As WTVC NewsChannel 9 reported, Athena attempted to jump a fence when her back foot got caught on one of the barbwires. Her friend, Zeus, barked non-stop until someone heard his cries.  Fulton County Animal Shelter was called and LifeLine Animal Project responded to free Athena from the fence.

The agency said Zeus made it clear that he did not want to be left by himself, so LifeLine took him as well.

Karen Hirsch of LifeLine Animal Project said she visited with the dogs the next day and saw Zeus busy licking Athena's injured toe.

Athena is doing well after two excruciating days hanging from a fence.

According to Hirsch, the dogs are now back home with their owner who reclaimed the pets.