Dog stolen from car reunited with owner

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It's a happy reunion that dog owner Chris Lindsey never thought would happen.

Almost a year ago, someone stole her 13-year-old Shih Tzu Sissy from Chattanooga.

This week Sissy showed up in Fulton County, and Lindsey was ecstatic.

At the Fulton County Animal Shelter, Lindsey almost drowned out the chorus of barks that dominated building. The Memphis woman could not get to her little Sissy fast enough after 10 long months of separation.

In fact, she says she gave up hope that Sissy was even alive until she got the call yesterday in Mississippi.

"Oh, baby God love you, that's my baby girl," she said, sobbing.

Lindsey has been looking for Sissy ever since that dreaded day last August when thieves broke in her car at a Chattanooga business.

"They had broken into my car and five others cars and they took Sissy," she said.

Lindsey had searched and posted flyers for weeks. She says she even had a man who tried to swindle her out of a thousand dollars claiming he had Sissy.  

Fulton County animal officials said Chris was reluctant to believe them until they revealed one thing.

"Kim called me and I didn't believe her and she said 'No, it is her. We ran the chip,' and I said 'Are you sure?'"

Fulton County Animal Shelter employee Kim Meeks said she loved to reunite people with their pets, but it took some time with Lindsey.

"It took her some time to believe me, she was very distrusting," she said

Lindsey says many people who aren't pet owners might not understand the joy she feels reuniting with her baby.

"Especially when you raise one from the time they are six weeks old and she's 13," she said. "I have been through cancer, lost my son and some other things and she has always been right with me."

Now she and Sissy are back together and happy once again.