Dog killed in police-involved shooting at Northeast DC home

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D.C. police are investigating an officer’s shooting that left a family's dog dead. The shooting took place at a home in the 1700 block of Montello Avenue in Northeast D.C. nearby Gallaudet University.

The homeowner told FOX 5 that no one was home at the time when their 3-year-old pit bull mix was killed.

The dog’s family claims the shooting happened while officers were serving a search warrant at their home.

Precious Robinson-Baker said her dog is registered and she has signs outside her home that are very visible and indicates there is a dog inside the house.

“I have several signs,” she said. “I have one on the window, one on the gate. It’s a very busy area because we have the bus stop in front, so when you come to my house, you already know before you even come in the gate, you know there’s a dog on the premises. We have two huge signs with red and black.”

Robinson-Baker is furious with police for taking down the door to gain entry into her home and she said her dog did what any other dog would do in that situation, which is to run outside. She said that is when D.C. police shot and killed her dog.

“My dog is like my baby and there’s no reason they even had to do that. And the Humane Society was on the premises and they didn’t even use them to even come get my dog before they even went in my house.”

She said when her dog knows there is someone at the door, he will come up to the window and make himself known.

We reached out to D.C. police to see if they were serving a search warrant and if there was no one home like the family claimed.  Police were not able to confirm that information.

We also asked them what protocol is when serving a search warrant. They have yet to get back to us on that.