Central Florida shelter looking for owners of lost dog that was attacked by alligator

Credit: Lake County Animal Services.

A Central Florida shelter is hoping to reunite a lost dog with its owners after it was attacked by an alligator following Hurricane Ian.

The Lake County Florida Animal Shelter says the dog was discovered by animal control on Friday on State Road 44 and Seminole Springs in Eustis. Staff said they thought the dog's tail was just severed, but after being examined, teeth marks from an alligator were found. 

"LCAS performed emergency surgery to safely amputate the tail and are providing antibiotics to ensure it doesn’t get infected during the healing process," the shelter told FOX 35 News.

The shelter believes the dog is "definitely" someone's pet based off his mannerisms. They said the pooch appears to be a 5 to 6- year-old white German Shepherd mix.

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"We’d love to find his family first and foremost," the shelter wrote on Facebook, adding that he really misses his family. "A great second option if his family is not found would be a rescue that helps dogs of his size or breed."

If you recognize this dog, please contact the Lake County Florida Animal Shelter at (352) 343-9688.