Doctors urge people to wear masks, social distance even after COVID-19 vaccine

Even when a COVID-19 vaccine is distributed, doctors want people to remain proactive about keeping safe.

"I think this is something that's going to be around for at least another six months to a year," Dr. Monique Dieuvil of the OrlandoHealth Physician Associates tells FOX 35. She believes that even with a vaccine, we have to remain vigilant. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he has already applied for at least a million doses once a vaccine gets a greenlight. However, Dr. Dieuvil believes it will take three to six months to roll out the vaccine across America.

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With that, there will not be an instantaneous drop in COVID-19 cases.

The initial limited vaccine supply is expected to go to people in nursing homes and frontline workers first. While this is happening, Dr. Dievil urges you "continue to wear your mask, social distance, stand six feet apart."

Pediatrician Dr. Candice Jones elaborated on this, stating while "we're all banking on this vaccine, there are other things that we need to be doing to reduce the spread and to cut down on this surge that we're experiencing right now."

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She added that the vaccines are just another tool and we still need to continue doing robust testing and contact tracing to curb the nearly one million positive coronavirus cases in Florida.

Dr. Jones also said to keep in mind that some people may not want to take the vaccine at first. People still need to be cautious of asymptomatic carriers, which could include children. She said that "kids are not even in the picture right now. So, there's no vaccine for kids right now. We hadn't fully done trials in children."


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