Divorce in the era of coronavirus

The New York Post splashed this headline on the paper this week: "Coronavirus is making couples sick- of each other! Lawyers see divorces surge!"

But for some couples, this could be a time to talk through differences, get a marriage back on track.

The divorce or stay together trend is unique state by state, even county by county.  For the Central Florida picture we spoke with Lan Kennedy-Davis, partner at Rumberger-Kirk in Orlando.

“I am seeing a surge in phone calls from clients who are in distress with family issues. We are in a difficult time, an unusual time, and when this is over you might feel differently,” Kennedy-Davis said. “The courts in the state of Florida do not usually look or dig too deep...if the parties say that our marriage is irreconcilable, we cannot repair it.”

Even though a lot of civil and criminal court proceedings are on hold during the coronavirus, Kennedy-Davis says family court judges are using video calls like the rest of the world and conference calls to conduct hearings.

The calendar hasn't been scrubbed, but judges are pointing out that time is slowing down and perhaps parties involved should press pause.

“It is possible that the court might say, if we were to give you another 30 days or 60 days ...and some counseling... would that help you? And if the parties say yes, I believe the court would encourage that,” said Kennedy-Davis.