Four women distract elderly St. Cloud woman before stealing $3,000 from her home

 Osceola Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a distraction burglary of an elderly woman.

"I’m upset because I don’t know the women and I feel unsafe," said Sandra Jones. 

Osceola deputies are searching for four women, seen on surveillance. 

Sandra Jones said her 84-year-old mother Rose, was home alone, when three strangers wearing masks, rang the doorbell asking for something to drink. 

You can see one of the women peeking in the window of the St Cloud home. Sandra said Rose got some water but said the suspects were able to get inside the St Cloud home, as they asked for more water. 

"They just opened the door and invaded the house. Walked in and kinda tried to distract my Mom," said Jones.

Sandra tells us, as the thieves kept talking to her mother, they kept her back to the door and had another woman sneak inside. 

"You can see in the video, one of the women leave the house to call another two women in the car. So these two women came and the other distract my mom in the kitchen," Jones said. The four women took $3,000 out of her wallet. 

As this was happening, she says the thieves said something that really concerned her.

"They asked mom if we have a baby. Kind of do chest like a baby, and she realized they asked if we have a baby. This worried me a lot. You never know what they’re looking for," Jones said. 

Sandra’s speaking out, warning others to be on the lookout for these women. She’s also making changes at home to keep her mother safe. 

"I told her don’t open the door. I have a camera, we have more cameras in the house," said Jones. 

Anyone with information on the thieves should call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS or the Osceola Sheriff’s Office.