Disney Springs reopens with limited stores, restaurants open

On day one of Disney Springs reopening, there was a light crowd but that made it easier for social distancing as guests moved around the retail, dining, and entertainment complex.

"I thought it was great today. Everything was well organized. People were social distancing, lots of sanitizer, lots of handwashing stations." said Alexandra Zaroff, who couldn’t wait to return to the complex. "They had the temperature checks as soon as you came into the garage, sanitizer as well. I think it was very well organized."

Everyone is required to wear a mask and 

In addition to maintaining social distance, guests are also required to wear face coverings. Zaroff said she and her party ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant.

"Tables were separated a good distance. You had to keep your face mask on the whole time, but when you had to sit down and eat, you were allowed to take it off," she explained.

Disney said a third of the businesses are open right now. There were people waiting to eat at the Boathouse and Earl of Sandwich. However, places like Ghirardelli’s ice cream shop were still closed. We talked to the co-author of the TheUnofficialGuides.com, Seth Kubersky, for this take.

"I’m hoping we will be back to have ice cream sundaes back soon, but I was just happy to see a Starbucks in operation again," he said.

People we spoke to said they enjoyed shopping, with a limited number allowed in each store.

"I actually found a lot more than expected," Kubersky said, "everything from the Basin Soap store to the Arribas Brothers Glass Blowing Shop, including a glassblower working with a mask on."

Kubersky said AdventHealth was also conducting temperature checks, rather than regular employees, adding a higher comfort level.

"If you don’t visit Disney because you hate crowds, this is the perfect time to visit Disney Springs, because you’ve got plenty of elbow room," Kubersky added.

Zaroff is glad to be back and felt happy just getting to leave the house and go somewhere.

"Even though they only had some restaurants open it was definitely nice to get out of the house and enjoy being around other people as well," she said.

All Disney-owned stores will open on May 27. That includes World of Disney, D-Luxe Burger, and Marketplace Co-op.