Detroit Police say they're searching for possible serial killer, rapist

Detroit Police say they're searching for a possible serial killer and rapist they say has killed three sex workers in Detroit since mid March.

Police Chief James Craig announced during an impromptu press conference Wednesday that "they have the makings" of serial killer and rapist who has raped and killed three women, dating back to March 19.

According to Craig, the serial killer first struck on March 19th. Craig said another woman was killed on May 24 and a third victim was found Wednesday morning when police were called to a vacant home on Mack Avenue near Mount Elliot.

Craig said the suspect lures them into the building, sexually assaults them, and then kills them in that vacant building.

The first victim, Nancy Harrison, was first ruled a drug overdose. The medical examiner later ruled she died from blunt force trauma and that her hand and fingers were broken. She was found inside a home in the 20000 block of Coventry on March 19th.

The second victim, Trevesen Ellis, was found in a home in the 13000 block of Linnhurst on May 24th but her cause of death has not been determined.

Craig said that the similarities betwen Harrison and Ellis' deaths were similar.

"We're convinced that we believe we have the makings of a serial killer rapist that has been operating on east side," Craig said.

The brother of Ellis, Zederick Ellis, was obviously stunned and wants justice.

"I'm lost for words. She was beautiful growing up (but) got on drugs," Zederick said. "I hope you're caught and Rot in jail

In Wednesday's murder, police said she was naked and that she'd likely been there for a couple of days due to the stage of decomposition.

Woman's body found in vacant house on Mack Ave near Mt Elliot

Craig said that the suspect is targeting women in their early 50s and luring them into a vacant home. Police are asking sex workers to be cautious and give them information about a possible suspect.