DeSantis v. Crist debate: How to watch Florida governor candidates square off in only debate Monday

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Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Charlie Crist will square off in their only debate in the race for the next governor of Florida Monday night.

During the one-hour debate, candidates will tackle the most important issues facing Floridians, and use their answers to help guide your decision on Election Day.

The debate will be held in downtown Fort Pierce and is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. 

Most polls have shown incumbent DeSantis holding a lead over Crist. 

The debate is happening the same day as early voting kicks off for most Central Florida counties ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

How to watch the 2022 Florida governor debate?

Viewers can stream the debate live at

By the Numbers: Big DeSantis, Crist Donors 

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ political committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, raised nearly $2.87 million from Oct. 8 through Oct. 14, according to a newly filed finance report. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s political committee, Friends of Charlie Crist, raised about $612,000 during the period. Here were contributions of $50,000 or more:

Friends of Ron DeSantis:

  • Lorybo Holdings LLC, St. Augustine: $250,000
  • Whip Fund Raising LLC, Rembert, S.C.: $250,000
  • Citizens for Principled Leadership political committee, Tallahassee: $125,000
  • Boyne Capital Management, LLC, Miami: $100,000
  • James S. Davis, Brighton, Mass.: $100,000
  • Equality Champions political committee, Tallahassee: $100,000
  • Hudson Capital Group, Fort Lauderdale: $100,000
  • JAT Capital Partners LP, Greenwich, Conn.: $100,000
  • John Kang, Clearwater Beach: $100,000
  • Florida Accountability Project political committee, Tallahassee: $60,000
  • Brian Sidman, Miami Beach: $59,977 (in kind)
  • Latino Alliance PAC, Tallahassee: $56,500
  • Robert J. Grammig, Tampa: $50,000
  • PCI Gaming Authority, Atmore, Ala.: $50,000
  • Dwight C. Schar, West Palm Beach: $50,000
  • Voters of Florida political committee, Tallahassee: $50,000
  • Weston Nissan Volvo, Davie: $50,000

Friends of Charlie Crist:

  • Teamsters Florida political committee, Tampa: $100,000
  • Democratic Strategies Network political committee, Fort Lauderdale: $71,250
  • Eric M. Mindich, New York: $50,000
  • Joann Nestor, St. Petersburg, $50,000
  • Barbara Stiefel, Coral Gables: $50,000

Source: Florida Division of Elections