Deputy helping Hurricane Maria evacuees

A school resource officer is going the extra mile to help students who re-located from Puerto Rico. 

Imagine moving away from the only home you've known all your life, to start anew at another place -- new state, new school and not knowing any English. 

Leaving Puerto Rico and most of their family behind after Hurricane Maria, three siblings have navigated Casselberry Elementary School together. But it was how they got to and from school that caught the attention of school resource officer Deputy Brian Coduto. 
"They were walking a great distance to get to the school," he said,  "just shy of two miles one way."

Without hesitation, he and the Seminole County Sheriff's Office collected donations and new bicycles and helmets were bought, all to make the long road a little easier. 
"They all knew how to ride bicycles, and they were very excited, and rode off on them the second we gave it to them," explained Deputy Coduto, "so very excited to do that."