Deputies: Son shot mom, then set house on fire

Deputies in Marion County were out collecting evidence at a crime scene on Wednesday, but they had to suspend their search, due to the rainy weather.

All that's left is a charred home, where deputies say a body was found inside.  Rescuers were called to this fire in Ocklawaha early in the morning.  John Leach says it was around 3:30 a.m., when he saw the big blaze and heard something strange.

"The ammo was going off too rapidly. Pow, pow, pow, pow pow.  I was like holy cow it’s a fire."

A few hours later, investigators made a gruesome discovery: the body of Angela Limbaugh. They say she lived there with her son, Colby Larue.  According to deputies, Larue arrived to the Sheriff’s Office afterwards.

"Told our deputy that he had just shot and killed his mother and set his house on fire," said Sgt Paul Bloom with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the arrest, report Larue told deputies he was watching YouTube videos online and became paranoid that someone was going to harm his mother.  But when she came downstairs, deputies said Larue shot her twice in the head, shot the dog, then set his mattress on fire.

"Don’t know what motivated him to do that.  Doesn’t appear to be on any drugs when the deputies were talking to him."

Deputies sifted through the scene looking for clues.

"The house was completely burned, so having to go through tiny pieces of rubble to find any evidence."

Leach said the victim’s mother lived there for 30 years.

"We didn’t know the daughter. She was very reclusive, never came out, and we were surprised to find out she had a son living there."

He said it’s a shame to see the family’s home go down in flames.

"Literally, almost went up in an hour It was like a matchbox.  You could feel the radiant heat was substantial. All wood construction."

Larue is charged with arson and homicide. He's being held in jail without bond.