Deputies search for a man who stole a vehicle with a 1-year-old baby in the backseat

A pregnant mother in Apopka is speaking out after she was carjacked, as her one-year-old daughter slept in a car seat in the back seat.  It happened outside their home bear E 12th Street and Old Apopka Road.  

"I didn’t think I’d get my child," said Ferlenciel Dowdell.  

She said she was just getting home from grocery shopping with her three young children.  After walking her sons -- ages two and four -- to the front door, she grabbed the groceries and put those just inside.  As she stepped back outside, she saw a man get into her driver's seat.  

"When I saw him, and he saw me, I was on this step here," she gestured. I ran to the back seat of the car to get my child out and he just put it in reverse and had no remorse. Just kept going!" 

That impact knocked her onto the ground.

"I was screaming. I let him know that my baby was in the car before he took off. He was fully aware there was a baby in the back seat," she said.

The suspect reversed out of the driveway and around the corner, while Dowdell ran after him.  The suspect stopped suddenly about 300 yards away, before jumping out of the car.  

"When he ran, he didn’t try to fight or anything. He just took off running," said Dowdell.

She immediately ran to grab her little girl out of the back seat.  

"When I checked on her when I go the car back, she was up, but she wasn’t fussing. She just went on another car ride," said Dowdell.  

If you recognize the suspect in this composite sketch, you are asked to call CRIMELINE at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).