Deputies say women got into fake Uber car

Surveillance video captured from a Downtown Orlando bar early Wednesday morning shows two women getting into what they told investigators they thought was an Uber after a night of drinking.

In the video, you can see the man trying to help one of the women into his car.  Now that man, identified by deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office as 34-year-old Jose David Rodriguez, is charged with false imprisonment.

According to Rodriguez's arrest affidavit, the victim passed out in the back of his car, before getting to her friend's apartment complex near near the University of Central Florida.  When the friend got out of the car, trying to help get the victim out, deputies say Rodriguez took off with the unconscious victim in his back seat.  That's when the friend called 911.

Hours later, the Orange County Sheriff's Office says detectives used the victim's cellphone to track her down, finding her at Rodriguez's house.  Deputies say Rodriguez answered the door and told investigators there was a woman in his room, but he didn't know her name.  

According to the arrest affidavit, deputies found the victim asleep in Rodriguez's bed and tht she woke up disoriented, believing she was at her friend's house.  Investigators say the victim quickly realized she wasn't at her friend's house, and that she was wearing different pants than the ones she had on the night before.

Security camera video captured at Rodriguez's home shows him pulling the victim into his house as she tried walking away from him, detectives say. 

OCSO says this is still a very active investigation and there could be more charges coming.