Deputies: Man who admitted to killing nephew dies of self-inflicted gunshot wounds

Authorities say a man fatally shot his nephew before killing himself, during a six-hour standoff in Florida.

The standoff started when police went to arrest Noel Flores. He was accused of phoning-in a bomb threat. When they arrived, it became obvious Flores was not coming out.

In the just-released body cam footage from Volusia County sheriff's deputies, one can hear a gunshot as they arrive outside the apartment complex. Cops say that bullet was fired by 60 year old Noel Flores. He had just killed his 44 year old nephew, and he called 911 as the cops closed in on him.

“I'm in the apartment where they are knocking on the door and the person is dead inside the apartment,” Flores said on the call.

During the 20-minute call, Flores is calm and matter-of-fact as he describes the killing.

“Who killed him?” The operator asked.

“I did,” Flores replied, “he pulled a gun on me.  OK.  Its his gun.  Its his gun.  So I took it from him and shot him with it.”

In a stunning moment during the call, the killer and the operator prayed together. “Father I come to you in the name of Jesus,” the operator said.

“I come to you in the name of Jesus,” Flores repeated.

Officers were there to arrest Flores for calling-in a bomb threat to the Deland courthouse. “He was going to be arrested for felony for blowing up a building, but also it was a hate crime for racial epithets that he used,” explained Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

The 911 operator tried to get Flores to put the gun down. “I have one question for you,” she asked, “do you still have that gun?”

“I have it right on my heart,” Flores replied.

After talking for 20 minutes, Flores is transferred to an officer on the scene. “I just want to talk to someone before I take my life,” Flores said, “that's what I want to do.”

Soon after that, deputies say Flores shot and killed himself. Flores told the 911 operator his life had been difficult since his wife died three years ago, and he repeatedly said he would not be going to jail.