Deputies: Man left dog in car for at least 12 hours

Orange County Animal Services is keeping a close eye on a 1-and-a-half-year-old mutt named Brindle Babe after a close call Wednesday. 

"She's a lucky girl, that's for sure," said Diane Summers, Program Manager at Orange County Animal Services. 

Deputies say Brindle Babe was left in a hot car for at least 12 hours, a move that landed her owner, Gregory Boyer, in jail. 

According to his arrest affidavit, his car was parked in front of this building in Orange County.  Deputies say a man noticed the dog in the car, windows slight cracked, without the engine or A/C running and called 911.  Deputies say the owner was no where in sight.  

The dog was lying on the floor in the front passenger seat, "... only had inches to move around" and couldn't stand due to two large suitcases lying on top of the passenger seat  in a "cramped position" according to the arrest affidavit.   Brindle Babe's only comfort ?

"Our officers did observe a bowl of water in the car for her," said Summers.  "Leaving a pet in a hot car can often times be fatal.  It can happen surprisingly quick.  In Brindle Babe's case, we are very thrilled she is still with us and doing well even after that length of time in a car," said Summers. 

Deputies say they tracked down the owner by calling the number on the dog's tag.  The arresting deputy said the arresting deputy noted, "it appeared as though he never planned to return to his dog."