Deputies investigate car break-ins at Davenport condo complex

Several cars were broken in to in Polk County Sunday night. The Polk County Sheriff's Office is trying to find who is responsible.

The break-ins happened at a condominium complex in Davenport. Deputies are looking into whether there may be victims in other counties, too.  

Several cars were broken into and at least 15 were damaged.  Whitney Lawrence of Davenport spent her morning cleaning up glass from her car window.

"Basically, my neighbor woke me up this morning and was like, 'Bad news, your window was smashed in,'" Lawrence said. "I came out and my window was smashed in."

Sheriff's deputies said several cars were broken into at a condo complex on Bella Vista Boulevard in Davenport. Lawrence said the thieves took her work bag. She said other neighbors lost more expensive items, like laptops.

"That's infuriating, because I don't understand why you would do this to somebody that you don't even know," Lawrence said.

The sheriff's office is working with people in the neighborhood and local businesses to see if there is any surveillance video of the suspects.

Deputies are still adding up all the things that were taken.   Osceola county had similar break-ins. Investigators are seeing if they are connected.