Human bones found at construction site in Palm Coast, officials say

Officials in Flagler County said human remains were found by workers at a construction site in Palm Coast on Tuesday.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said the remains were found within the Tuscana development, an upscale housing community that's under construction in the area. A construction crew found about four to five human bones while clearing away land with an excavator, said Sheriff Rick Staly.

"It's a very painstakingly, very slow process to do this. You have to do a shovel full of dirt put it through a strainer and see what you find," he said. Another challenge is that being a construction site, a lot has been moved, so it's unclear how far the body may have been moved – intentionally or not – between when it was put there and when it was found. It's also unclear if the body was moved to the site from somewhere else.

Another unknown, is who the bones belong to. That will also have to be determined through the investigation, which will take time.