Deputies cracking down on reckless driving during Daytona Beach Bike Week

Bike Week is just getting started, and local law enforcement is already seeing out-of-control drivers.

Thousands of riders are flocking to Volusia County for the annual event, so law enforcement is laser-focused on safety.

To keep up with the crowds, Daytona police are ramping up patrols with officers keeping a close eye on reckless drivers. People out enjoying the event say they don’t want anything to do with anyone causing problems.

"That’s the problem. There are some bikers that give other bikers bad names," said Joe Viana who’s from New Jersey, in town for Bike Week.

A bike gang was caught on camera causing problems for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. The incident happened on Friday. In the video, you can see a rider running through a red light, flipping off police, then getting slammed by an oncoming truck. He survived and was arrested.

"I just think they’re idiots because when you’re on two wheels, you’re the bumper first of all. Second of all, you’re out there to have a good time, enjoy everybody’s company when you’re part of a group, and that’s what it’s about," Viana added after watching the video.

Riders enjoying bike week say safety is always important.

"I’m conscious you know and always try to be as careful as I can riding in the city or on the highway," said James Weber who’s in Florida for Bike Week from Texas.

Margo Kruse came out to the event on Saturday with her family for the 40th time. She never misses it and doesn’t think it’s dangerous.

"Bikers got a bad rap because of bike gangs," Kruse exclaimed. "This isn’t bike gangs. This is bikers getting ready to talk to each other about their motorcycles – boys with big toys."

Those big toys are everywhere. For the next week, the roads will be busy, and reckless driving won’t be tolerated. In addition to extra patrols, Daytona Police also say they’re adding more lighting late at night to keep people safe.