Deltona woman shocked over huge water bill

A Deltona woman is fears either someone stole some 90-thousand gallons of water from her home, or there's been a big billing error.

Bonnie Marryatt is mourning the death of her husband Donald.  The couple was in Canada visiting family when Donald got sick. He was hospitalized for months and died. Marryatt came back to their Deltona home to find she had a $870 water bill.

Her water was turned off for lack of payment. She didn't  understand. Every other month while she was gone her bills were about 11 dollars a month. She says she called Deltona Water.

 "They checked the meter, took the meter out completely took it to their office and checked it. there was no problem with the meter," she said.

Marryatt says there's no way that much water came from her home while she was gone.

"I don't think it was fair because I should have been paying the $11.  I wasn't here, my water was turned off on the lawn where the switch is down there. It couldn't have turned on."

After complaining to Deltona Water, she says they cut the bill to about $300.  They used her $200 in prepaid money she had in the account, and then had her pay another $100, including hook up fees.

She still thinks that's unfair and wants answers.  FOX 35 News reached out to Deltona Water and the spokesman for the city, but we had not yet heard back at the time this story was published.