Debate continues over massive American Flag outside Statesville business

The fight continues over whether a massive American flag should remain flying outside of a Statesville business.

The controversy over this American Flag seen along I-77 really comes down to its size: It’s against city ordinance. On Monday, FOX 46 took a look at the lawsuit trying to take it down, and why the city says they're doing it.

When you look at the numbers of people signing a petition to keep a flag flying, it's bound to get your attention. At this point, over 16,000 people want to keep the flag flying at Gander RV.

The company's owners, Camping World, say they started the petition as a way to get the city's attention on the public's thoughts.

“I think it would be a good way for elected leaders to see how people actually feel,” Marcus Lemonis, Camping World CEO. 

Lemonis says he's fighting the city of Statesville’s attempts to take the flag down.    

“It comes down, in my opinion, to bureaucrats trying to control the size of something,” he said. 

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On Monday, the city of Statesville provided us with a copy of the lawsuit, and the permit. In a statement to FOX 46. They say Gander RC applied for a permit and "the permit was approved, but when the flag was raised two months later, it was determined the company was flying a 40x80-foot flag, which is prohibited by city ordinance."

City council has been quite vocal about the flag in the past, but did not take it up Monday night. Lemonis has taken to social media to get support for keeping the flag up, and he says old glory will stay no matter what.

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“The property that's there belong to us, we pay taxes and the size of the flag isn't hurting anybody.” 

The City of Statesville wants to fine Gander RV $50 a day for flying the flag since it is out of ordinance, and they want it retroactive to October, when they were initially found to not be in compliance. As of today, that fine now totals $10,850.