Daytona Beach pig is a finalist to be the 2020 Cadbury Bunny

A pink, dress-wearing mini pig named Ducksong is looking to take over for the Cadbury Easter Bunny.

The adorable piglet from Daytona Beach is a finalist in the 2020 competition to be Cadbury's new mascot.

"Ducksong is a fun loving pig who likes to make people smile," her profile reads on the voting page.

Ducksong, or Duck for short, was rescued when she was around 6 weeks old. Weighing just a wee 3 pounds when she was rescued, she's been with her owner ever since.

Like most girls, Duck seems to really enjoy getting dolled up and looking her best! Duck "admits to having a more expansive wardrobe than most people 😉. She loves crunching on carrots and spends her free time visiting schools and attending events," her Cadbury contest bio says. "She’s friendly and loves to make others smile with a new costume and her signature 'silly' face." 

That 'silly' face is her cute bottom lip that she pushes out, giving her, well, a duckface.

Besides being cute as a button, her owner, June Tarollo, says mini pigs are the fourth-smartest animals in the world.

"Mini pigs are so misunderstood," her owner June Tarallo tells FOX 35. "And besides being so excited about her chance to be in the Cadbury bunny competition, being able to get the information out on these amazing animals would be a blessing."

Duck has some local competition for the title in the form of a miniature horse from Ocala. She's also up against a 2-legged dog and 24-pound cat name Lunchbox.

The winner gets to star in a national commerical for Cadbury and $5,000.

You can cast your vote for Duck HERE.