Daughter claims 84-year-old mother was dumped outside care center

A Long Beach woman is demanding answers. She claims a hospital dumped her 84-year-old mother outside a locked health care facility in the middle of the night.

Security video shows the elderly woman who has Alzheimer's walking up to the facility where she stays, wearing just a bathrobe and sandals.

This occured in the early hours of January 13 after the woman was taken to College Medical Center in Long Beach to be evaluated.

Instead of making arrangements for a transfer, the daughter claims the hospital discharged her mom sending her back in a taxi.

After pounding on the front door, the elderly woman was seen walking down a dark alley by herself trying to find another way in.

She eventually got inside. It's not clear how that happened.

The woman's daughter has filed a complaint against College Medical Center with the State Department of Public Health.

State health officials have not commented specifically about the complaint. They did release a statement.

It reads in part:

"Details about any potential pending or ongoing investigation are kept confidential until the investigation is complete and findings are issued to the facility. There is currently an ongoing investigation at this facility."