DarkPulse Technologies one of few companies left to snag President Trump's border wall contract

The federal government has narrowed down which companies will design President Trump's border wall.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will notify the finalists over the next few days.

No word on how many companies were picked, but the feds have previously said they may select up to 20 companies.

The winners will build prototypes on a piece of land near San Diego.

Fox 10's Courtney Griffin talked one local company who says they are who President Trump is looking for to build the border wall. 

CEO Dennis O'Leary of DarkPulse Technologies in Scottsdale says they're now in phase two of the selection process.

"Each company was evaluated in different areas. The biggest part was what they call 'past performance.' What we have done previous both in government contracts and more importantly, physical security," said O'Leary.

His company uses technology sensors that can detect in real-time, minimal movement from far away and could prevent tunneling.

"Any event that's smaller than three meters in size, those other systems would completely miss it. They wouldn't even see it. Whereas with the DarkPulse system, an event as small as 10 millimeters or even less, we would actually be able to see that," said O'Leary.

O'Leary says it's unknown when the next selection process takes place, but says his company is willing and able to make President Trump's dream a reality.

"Down in the border area, there are definitely areas that are challenging, but I think the smart ways are to go to some of a layered deployment and part of that layer is going to have to be technology. So where we can't get a wall built because of terrain, or you know, an environmental reason, I think having some type of sensor hopefully, our sensor is part of that sensor," said O'Leary.

Money has already been set aside for prototypes to begin in San Diego next month.

O'Leary says once that's done, only one company will be awarded the contract to build the entire wall.

He hopes it's his company and if so, he'd have to hire 200 more employees.