Crews work to fill holes on 17-92 in Sanford

Crews are working to fix a series of holes that have opened up under 17-92 in Sanford.

Crews say that they are going to continue to work on this stretch of road all week. Given the timing, this could put a strain on folks getting to and from several grocery stores leading up to Thanksgiving.

Most drivers probably would not notice the small dip in the pavement, but the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Project Manager saw something that made him worry. So, he put his crew to work digging up this area that is now surrounded by orange cones. They found a network of holes under a layer of pavement and soil -- enough holes to potentially cause a sinkhole.

Crews have closed some southbound lanes of 17-92 in Sanford to fill the holes. Two lanes are open at County Home Road.

Crews are currently pumping concrete underground to keep a sinkhole from developing. So far, FDOT has discovered two other similar holes along 17-92 and repaired them before a sinkhole appeared. 

Officials hope to have all of the work done by this Friday, just in time for people to get their holiday shopping in on Black Friday.