Crew travels from Orlando to Ukraine's border to provide safe drinking water

A crew with Air Mobile Ministries took off from Orlando International Airport to Poland to bring water purifiers to Ukrainians fleeing their homes to safety.

The organization, Air Mobile Ministries, is heading to the Ukrainian border to bring safe drinking water to thousands in need.

Air Mobile Ministries will be bringing ten water purifiers. Each unit can purify 25 gallons of water and provide water to 1,000 people a day. 

"We need to pray, we need to do what we can in any way that we can. It’s relatively small in the big scope of things, but we’re able to do something. And our goal is to bring another 10, and another 10 and another 10," said Joe Hurston of Air Mobile Ministries. 

As Hurston was getting ready to leave MCO Saturday, a young girl donated money to them.

"They need the help, right? I want to teach Olivia to give back," said the young girls' father.

Seeing the young Ukrainian children in bomb shelters is what pushed Hurston to go there to help in the best way he can, especially after seeing a viral video of a young girl singing Frozen's 'Let It Go' in a bomb shelter.

"When she sang ‘Let It Go’, I just started crying," said Hurston. "It just hit me. I think the Lord had been preparing and prompting me, and again that little girl was a trigger."

Air Mobile Ministries is collecting donations so they can continue their work. If you would like to help their mission to bring another 10 water purifiers to Ukraine you can donate here.